OreoAnonymous through the stages

This open diary was begun by a 20-year-old who could not hold a coherent thought for longer than two lines. It may yet be taken up by the 25-year-old that young soul has become. (No promises about coherency.)
This is not the blog that updates every hour, day or even week. Occasionally you’ll see it in your reader. More than likely you’ll miss it buried beneath the swarm of other wordsmithery here on WordPress. Worry not- this is my outlet, not my podium.

See you in the comments.

So… There is no plan. I tried to have a plan and it’s just not working for me. If you were thinking of following this blog you are of course welcome. As is any advice or criticism you think might help.
I warn you- sometimes posts are ‘tl-dr’. There is no schedule. The only theme is things I am thinking of or feeling (I know- not much to go on).

“A university drop-out, a half-blood with matching experiences, and someone who writes posts like they’re a mind map. The best way to describe it is like each post is a game of tetris; it always starts off without a hitch but a few misplaced building blocks later and the whole thing is screwed up and off-looking. How’s that for style awareness.”

So last year my tagline under the header of the blog was ‘the art of moving away from less important things’. Slowly I’ve come to see that in the light of the glass-half-empty angle. This year I hope to post about once a week (although that’s me just saying I will and not that it will be like clockwork). This years angle will hopefully be ‘trying to move toward important things’; the reason being that there are certain activities we partake in that others may judge as procrastination or wastes of potential where in actuality we can do things that matter while enjoying things that are trivial pursuits.

Oreo Anonymous is a personal blog. It’s name is derived from the concept that addictions can come in all shapes and sizes. Thinking about some topics can be addictions. At AA meetings people discuss their feelings in trying to overcome addiction and I imagine end up admitting to a lot of desires and thoughts about the bottle they are addicted to. With this in mind Oreo Anonymous is  my discussion of my feelings about my “thought addictions” and how they have evolved over time. I hope as in AA meetings, they may evolve further by talking about them. If they evolve perhaps I’ll be less addicted to them. My Oreo addiction may have to be dealt with at a later date.


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