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A Worthwhile Individual

Is it just me, or are good catholic boys never that fucking impressive? Perhaps that is only a sign of being raised without religion. There is an image associated with the diligantly-faithfuls of banal purity and goodness. It is something … Continue reading

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Tea helps me think

[That stereotype about British people loving tea? Yeah, completely true.] “Ooo, very good packing skills,” comments the cashier. Is there a correct response to that? I settled for, “I do try.” So, because I am a secret raging hippy I … Continue reading

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The time you take

Let those of wealth never be reason For argument of plenty Between those impoverished- The battle against it Is lost, Before it has even begun. The pursuit of happiness Reaps rewards en route Ever more worthy of, The time taken … Continue reading

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From: penguin_doodles@yahoo.com Sent: ‎04/‎03/‎2014 21:12 To: oreoanonymous@gmail.com Subject: Dad says how the shell are ya ? Your sister was kind enough to send me your address now that I’m using email. Must have been an interesting year- we haven’t heard … Continue reading

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