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Morose Alice in Wonderland

A while ago I wrote a snappy little poem about the benefits of pursuing happiness- that you gain from pursuit itself and the end result is irrelevant to those gains. There were also comments in it about not squabbling about … Continue reading

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A Worthwhile Individual

Is it just me, or are good catholic boys never that fucking impressive? Perhaps that is only a sign of being raised without religion. There is an image associated with the diligantly-faithfuls of banal purity and goodness. It is something … Continue reading

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It must be poison

This is Ruaridh (Rooah-ree or Rory if you can’t manage the gaelic pronunciation). He likes chasing flies, not birds; sleeping on the laundry, not his radiator bed; sitting on my shoulder, not my keyboard; eating tomato from the pizza, not … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Britain

When I was last at rock bottom- hungry, depressed and aimless- I had what seemed to be an endless amount of time to watch the media and news of each passing headline. Each story passed without me raising my small … Continue reading

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The easiest job

*lifts chair, sighs* “Oh, it’s a tough life!” Sarcasm notes detected, “Well… it would be if you had to do it full time,” “You’ll be alright then. Part time?” “No, I’m full time.” Do you know, I have finally figured … Continue reading

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Banshees, Mermaids and Mutton dressed as Lamb

Currently on youtube, one of the major topics of discussion is of feminism and men’s rights. The ironic part is that in discussing the irrationality of some feminists a lot of the speakers are making the need for feminism rational. … Continue reading

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