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Tea helps me think

[That stereotype about British people loving tea? Yeah, completely true.] “Ooo, very good packing skills,” comments the cashier. Is there a correct response to that? I settled for, “I do try.” So, because I am a secret raging hippy I … Continue reading

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It must be poison

This is Ruaridh (Rooah-ree or Rory if you can’t manage the gaelic pronunciation). He likes chasing flies, not birds; sleeping on the laundry, not his radiator bed; sitting on my shoulder, not my keyboard; eating tomato from the pizza, not … Continue reading

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The art of moving away from less important things

So we have all seen it. Todays culture loves geekdom. The millennium hit and all of a sudden it was cool to try out the fashions from previous generations rather than progress from the fashion of the decade before. The … Continue reading

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