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A personal blog that’s worldly motivated. Throughout there will be a tendency to represent the interdependence of my life as an individual and how it is affected and shaped by the history and politics I have grown up in, and thereby how I feel about matters in current news and politics.

To fly, To study

You fly? To Turkey? How lovely, A lovely place for a lovely accountant; Certainly you deserve it So lucky are you, to have studied accounting. I’ll be here. As always. With Northern winds through my hair; But wait… No, that’s … Continue reading

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Nothing worth the time is ever easy

People often ask me why I am so difficult and distent. No amount of argument on that point will dispell that the behaviours you perceive to have those roots have different unrelated character flaws. What I would say to you- … Continue reading

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Morose Alice in Wonderland

A while ago I wrote a snappy little poem about the benefits of pursuing happiness- that you gain from pursuit itself and the end result is irrelevant to those gains. There were also comments in it about not squabbling about … Continue reading

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A Worthwhile Individual

Is it just me, or are good catholic boys never that fucking impressive? Perhaps that is only a sign of being raised without religion. There is an image associated with the diligantly-faithfuls of banal purity and goodness. It is something … Continue reading

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The Trampled Conundrum

You’re living in a block of flats directly opposite another block of flats. You’re making dinner and watching the kettle boil. Remarkably it takes a longer amount of time than it would normally, so upon looking out the window you … Continue reading

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Tea helps me think

[That stereotype about British people loving tea? Yeah, completely true.] “Ooo, very good packing skills,” comments the cashier. Is there a correct response to that? I settled for, “I do try.” So, because I am a secret raging hippy I … Continue reading

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It starts…

As previously mentioned, I have decided to create a seperate outlet for discourse with current events. Friday’s seem like the easiest day for me to post (Thursday evenings are quiet). These new more challenging experiments in writing deserve the attention … Continue reading

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