A Worthwhile Individual

Is it just me, or are good catholic boys never that fucking impressive?

Perhaps that is only a sign of being raised without religion.

There is an image associated with the diligantly-faithfuls of banal purity and goodness. It is something so many young temple and church goers aspire to be. To be good. To never sin. And to be a better person for it.

Without that imprint you gain a different idea of what a worthwhile-individual looks like. There is certainly a thing about hardwork in either understanding. What the lack of puritinism gives is the impression that you are actually a better person to have survived a good many misfortunes AND sins, and to still come out of the other side well meaning.

If you suffer misfortune but never sin, then to me you are only gullible.
If you suffer misfortune and decide that that is good cause to excuse your sins, then you are lying to yourself more than you are to everyone else.

But if you are that person; the one who’s life just Sucks… and you know your faults inside and out… then you are worth my time.

The best type does not say, ‘I have done these things. It is not wise to do it, so don’t.’ Instead, the best ones say, ‘I wouldn’t advise it for [these] reasons. Do what you want with that information.’


This is really about a gent I work with. Today I felt myself so moved by his plight I almost gret.
As I wrote about recently there are certain things you feel powerless to change due to your individual tininess. When you know someone in need and you haven’t a hell of a lot of financial mobility to just reach out and fix shit for them, you wish you could change things on a system level.

Or at least I did. It was even sillier to mentally reach in that way… Had I had power to change the system I would also be in a financial position to just fix it on the spot.

So Britain has the NHS. What you might not know is that each country within the UK has a seperate allocation for it’s NHS, and can spend it in the way it chooses from it’s assembly rather than be dictated from the main government in Westminster, London.
For example, in Scotland prescriptions are free; in England there is a single charge per perscription. In Scotland although you cannot get all of your dental work on the NHS it will generally cost less than in England, where you can pay £51.30 to have a tooth removed. Incidently, if you leave teeth that should be removed for long enough (that it rots away into an infection and pure agony) you can get an emergency appointment for just £18.80.

There are exemption processes for those without work or low income. What is considered low income by the government is one thing, however. It still leaves a number of people working for less than the living wage in dire straights. People who have a job for 30 hours (not bad when no company offers 40 hours) but on minimum wage cannot always pay the charges for these treatments and perscriptions.

The gent I know has a little girl. She is 6-years-old. Her dental care is free (thank fuck). But looking after her is, of course, not. And he is in the hypothetical description I have described.

Two days I watched and supported him through his shifts while he was unable to focus on anything that was not the pain in his face. After much bullying I slipped my tips into his pocket and got him to go to the dentist.
Well, he came in after having had the emergency tooth removal at £18.80 ready for his shift. He should not have been at work an hour after it, but he was. And he was willing to work.

The pain was not over obviously, but he could concentrate more than before. He did then divulge that the dentist has asked that he return in January, because 4 more of his teeth are rotting and will soon reach the same level of decay as the one removed.

I was quite ready to start a campaign like we saw with the bus monitor, Karen Klein, that gained millions in donations online. At least this gent would not act hard-done-by afterward as she did. Usually there is some viral video or post associated with that kind of campaign to fix some person’s shit misfortune.

I have known the kind of financial difficulty he has been going through without a child to look after. She may be a motivator where I had had only self-determination, but the task was difficult enough without a little human to clothe and feed.

This guy has given up one hell of a cushty life to be a better dad to this kid. There were drugs and all sorts going on. He found out she was gonna be born and then he changed. He slowly cut off all ties to that life and became a dad. He was young at the time too.

He thinks I’m crazy though; “you cannot drink, smoke and eat crap food without… bodily… consequences.” Most people look at it and say it is karma, so in a way he agrees.


Only the faithful can talk of karma when someone is in this much need. In such eyes my friend is not worth helping. Instead, I have all the time in the world for this guy. He knows that his previous life was not a great environment; back then he was only hurting himself.

And yet, he has had good enough character to know that that was not the way to raise a kid.

He doesn’t preach that you should never touch drugs and never sleep around. He tells you what that lifestyle has brought him, then tells you to do as you please.

And at the end of his shift last night… he slipped my tips back into my pocket. It was ‘okay’- he would find a way to cover it. That is a pretty fucking impressive attitude for an ordinary guy to have.


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A drop-out marine biology student from Scotland. Certainly some cursing will be bandied about.
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