Seeing Red- my future in blogging


When I started this blog I styled it on my journal. I took pictures of it’s leather and an extract of my handwriting and I framed my blog with them. If it was to suit itself, I decided it must be called an ‘open diary’.

Myself, I prefer reading a blog that doesn’t have too many bells and whistles and pages upon pages. As such, OreoAnonymous is one page. I want to be able to scroll through the writer’s ideas. The lack of time to visit the Reader is probably the cause of that. There are some who post once a week and they’re forgotten. There will be those who post every couple of hours and not being in that Reader frequently, I miss stuff. Some of it will be worth missing, but that’s merely a product of persistent content. Instead of staying up-to-date, I spend a few hours reading whole pages when I can find the time. I highly recommend the art of rediscovering bloggers you have subscribed to previously.

So, OreoAnonymous is this… whole… page of ‘too long; didn’t read’. It’s frustrating. Yet, part of me wouldn’t have it any other way on principle. I have attempted to take on board the idea of splitting paragraphs apart more. Simplifying statements to say more in less sentences. However, it’s difficult to fully encompass an idea this way. So many thoughts and tangents contribute to any given post and I would love to share it all.

This blog is my sharing place. I don’t facebook. I twitter, but it’s all of 140 characters. And I only use it to share current issues- that I might thereby be a channel to increase the volume of a message. I am not an individual there. High school friends drift in and out of contact yearly, and I’m living in a different city with few close friends.
Here. Here is where I am all my main thoughts.

“You don’t post that often.” No, I don’t. Again, lack of time. “There are phone apps.” I work on a bar at the moment some 40+ hours to make ends meet. No screen attachment for me.

This blog gets the most new attention when I blog about gaming. I’m no gamer though. I know my way around a gaming keyboard and get shit to work on a linux computer… but again! lack of time. I am no gamer. As I tipped in the previous post I am gonna try to be- I love that world. That’s for my benefit though- not the blog’s.
I get the most likes on poems. I’m no poet though. Poems originally start as long-short posts from which I remove the linguistic filler. The result is just shy of Edwin Morgan, and by any literary students’ standard, an abomination. I am no poet. I can’t stop myself when one occurs though.
My political rants get views, but as yet have never sparked conversation. That’s what I would wish for. Conversation starters. Not for the sake of it. I would hate to fall into the trap of just saying a thing to provoke someone into speech. I guess I am looking for an audience more interested in debate. To follow that through I will have to learn to talk less, and say more.

There are some 50+ followers for this open diary. However small an audience (whether in actuality is 2 or 3 readers or not) I don’t wish to kill this endeavour. I had thought I might transform it into a news related bias blog. But, the idea seemed unfair before I hit the admin page. There are people following who came for the randomness. No one probably cares if I do table-flip it, but perhaps for my own sake I should keep my sharing space. For my mental health, perhaps I should use it more often.

The only thing left to say, that is in the near future I plan to make my topical bias blog. A space where I analyse the current issues and boogie-monsters with what I hope will be a little scientific clarity, open mindedness and conciseness. As far as possible anyway. The hope is that by doing this my political frustrations will be taken apart in a scenario that makes me write more, write better and even use OreoAnonymous more. Where the new blog will attempt to stay on topic I can come back to my diary and complain that nobody gets me. And that the 7,000 steps in Skyrim is ridiculous. Half that, would have sufficed Bethesda. Seriously.

Should few-and-faithfuls wish to follow me there I will post an update on Seeing Red‘s progress soon.
Thank you for reading.
I welcome advice and tips with which to move forward.


About oreoanonymous

A drop-out marine biology student from Scotland. Certainly some cursing will be bandied about.
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6 Responses to Seeing Red- my future in blogging

  1. tomrains says:

    Tell you what … if you bring up some contentious topic, I’ll discuss it with you! Donald Trump, anyone? Lol!

    • In your case, good sir, contentious should not be an apple that falls too far from my own biased tree.
      You expressed interest in Rand, Hopkins, Thatcher… As much as I appreciate they were/are people throwing against normality in each of their own worlds (in itself impressive), none of them did/have come to conclusions I find sensible.

      I’m pretty sure any opinion I have on world events will give you basis for discussion.
      Trump’s a self-centred prick.

      • tomrains says:

        They are contentious indeed. I didn’t realize until recently that the three women in my motley crew are all conservative and controversial! As for Trump, well . . . no comment.

  2. AnJo Beckers says:

    I’m all for conversation openers as I don’t do small talk… 3, 2, 1, GO!!!!

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