Corporate casualty

In blind confusion-
a rabbit in the headlights of over reaction-
All graciousness fails me.
I stumble, mumble and bumble
All the words that will survive the journey from thought to speech. Each,
Uttered with the desperation of
‘Please for the love of what we had, listen!’
And when you listen, hear me.
The fight to be heard in a silent room
I bring upon myself,
But you brought the quiet and the battle began.

Be reasonable.
You might say it to me in the same way I say it to you;
Each of us from our angle not understanding the other.
But you…
At bare minimum I explored the idea that you were right,
And I, a failure.
But you! Never seeing your own irrationality- ach!- how it hurts!
If reaction had a Richter scale
You jumped to a ten from a should be two
So a wave of emotion flowed out from you, to me.
To all of us who held what we had most dear.

I grappled with the debris unsure who to call for aid.
Wrought low with grief
It occurred that there is no one better to address my pain to, than you.
No, you cannot undo what you did
And yes, you must suffer the consequences of it.
Yet, perhaps you can still bring me back from the wreckage.
Although never whole again,
alive at least.

You would have the strength to carry me
If only you would spare the time.
You won’t though,
For what we had was never what you had
Not that you couldn’t,
But that you wouldn’t share in the joy
That freedom brought.

Conservative in your wants
And your leadership
You have missed out on something great
A movement that would
With time only grow.
Instead you stifle change,
Like any of your conservative brethren.

Of course, the first casualty of you quelling the idea
Had to be us;
And I, a martyr for generous thinking,
Had to go.
Did I get to you though?
From elegant redhead to sporadic hothead;
Is your silence brought by confusion as to the loss of calm?
I chose to fight fire with fire
And to see over reaction mirrored back
When you had no grasp of your own
Changes formal procedure into assertion of dominance.

In blind conviction-
a peacock in the mating season of business-
Innovation eludes you.
You prance, peck and scratch
Until you have your way.
A way undefined until
There was ‘Time for reflection’-
The silence your presence demands.
The fight to be right
I caused
But you were still wrong and struck me down regardless.


About oreoanonymous

A drop-out marine biology student from Scotland. Certainly some cursing will be bandied about.
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