From: penguin_doodles@yahoo.com
Sent: ‎04/‎03/‎2014 21:12
To: oreoanonymous@gmail.com
Subject: Dad says how the shell are ya ?

Your sister was kind enough to send me your address now that I’m using email. Must have been an interesting year- we haven’t heard from you. I miss your handwritten letters. Or you could email me at this address. Either way we have a lot of catching up to do. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Love, yer Yankee doodle Daddy

From: oreoanonymous@gmail.com
Sent: 04/03/2014 23:54
To: penguin_doodles@yahoo.com
Subject: Re:Dad says how the shell are ya ?

Ye alright Doodles? 🙂
So… The last time we spoke I had started that sales job. The entrepreneurial job.
It managed to take up so much of my time that I slept on Sundays and was working 12 hour days, 6 days a week. You know enough of me by now to know that rather than irritate me I dove into this full(fool) heartily. Worked my butt off so thoroughly everyday that I was falling asleep talking to my partner on the phone. Which wasn’t good for our long distance relationship but I was so brainwashed that I didn’t care. I believed in the job- I thought the skills I was acquiring were wonderful. All of a sudden, I could sell sand to the Arabians- I had found my silver tongue and so I felt unstoppable.
But that was a lie really. What I was earning wasn’t enough. Slowly I realised that it was one thing to work real hard and get my due for it later when I progressed through the company, and another that my boss was earning more than me for each sale that I did. He was teaching me yes, but what he earned for doing so seemed disproportionate. I let it slide for a while, but it became impossible to pay my bills and without a cell phone I couldn’t do as many sales. Without the law of averages on sales I couldn’t make rent. I agreed to leave the flat before I couldn’t pay it. Went to stay with one of the girls I’d met in the company-a kiwi with a wicked sense of adventure. It was she that made me realise I’d worked myself into the ground and had given up on my science. She saw my books and asked why I’d given it up. When I said I hadn’t, I realised that wasn’t true. Remember I decided I wanted another crack at it? The talk we had about knowing myself better and Holmes’ “not just to see but to observe”? Well by then my idea of saving enough money to go back next year (this September) was impossible. I had delved so deeply into my overdraft to survive that it will be years before I have a good enough credit rating to borrow enough and years before I will have any savings, even if I was to live rent free on peoples couches.
The company had brain washed me into thinking anything was possible and had stolen any free time I could have had to think it through. The company had made me believe in crony capitalism while earning money off my back.
My partner’s parents hired a van and drove me and my stuff to York, where he was organising a new flat to rent that would be just big enough for both of us. There’s no couch, but because it’s ours I love it. Wooden beamed ceiling, dark tiled floor in the kitchen, lovely brick fireplace.
Within two days I had my cv into 50 job ads and responded and took the first place that answered two days after that. Now I work my butt off as a cocktail waitress but at least I get paid my due for it.
Ofc (of course) everyone back home is furious because of how sudden it was and Mama still hasn’t gotten over me moving in with someone. Hence why she ripped up whatever it was you sent to Gran Molly’s; I’m real sorry I didn’t get to see it. Soon I’ll have some disposable income and will be able to send letters again. Although as you can see, I write one hell of a long email when I want to, too. Lol (laughing out loud).

Haven’t really summarised all this to anyone until now… No one’s really asked. Been so stuck in my own head all this time that I’ve kind of jumped at the opportunity to let it all out.

Anyway! Lots will have happened with you I’m sure. You are now interneting (well done sis and Penguin). How are things with Grandma? Heard family and co made a few trips to Florida- did you all have fun? Did you go up to Maryland to see them too (it has been ages since we spoke)? Excited about sis’s baby? Guess it means we can start calling you ‘auld yin’ lol. What was it you sent in the letter btw (by the way)? How are your knees? And Heats win on the Bulls last month was a blow; please don’t rub it in 😛

Much loves, and waiting impatiently to hear from you again,
Wee yin

(p.s. I included meanings for the abbreviations just in case you didn’t know them and want to learn.)


About oreoanonymous

A drop-out marine biology student from Scotland. Certainly some cursing will be bandied about.
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