What the Godfather taught me

In the office we teach people, we lead people, we get people excited about the work to come (and the results we can achieve), we make friends and connections, we behave like my family on Christmas day, and we generally get on with figuring out how to sell stuff.
These are my office rules:
NEVER discuss business with anyone who’s not in the business.

The business is like family.

Keep things business- we don’t need your TMI.

If a favor is called back, DO IT.

Be careful when fellow associates come back from the restroom- they left to talk about you.

Watch out for dogs when you’re backing out.

Put your hand in your pocket like you’ve got a gun- you’ll be alright.

Don’t look anyone in the eye, but don’t look away either.

Never talk business in front of the kids (newbies).

Reasonable men don’t have to make assurances.

Don’t take sides against the family.

With respect comes loyalty.

ALWAYS make them an offer they can’t refuse


About oreoanonymous

A drop-out marine biology student from Scotland. Certainly some cursing will be bandied about.
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