To be as poor as it is possible to be without being homeless

2 litres of milk- 79 pence. 500 grams of porridge oats- 39 pence. 500 grams of dry pasta- 31 pence. 400 grams of tinned tomatoes- 35 pence. 500 grams of sugar- 79 pence.
The result? Walking up the stairs to your cheap rented flat makes you dizzy. You also start to question whether it would be better just to allow your body to go into the fasting state so you feel less hungry, rather than consistently tormenting it with small volumes of sustenance.
Working a four hour contract, minimal overtime- frustrating. Having to face the reluctance of your superiors to train you because the position they would train you for is already fulfilled by someone else: in reality you already know the skills- degrading.
The result? You go job hunting just like 1 399 999 other people in your country.
Not being able to pay the train fare to somewhere on the second day of training in a new job- upsetting. Failing the person who just lent you money without any hesitation so you can do that training- heart-wrenching. Walking home with your eyes watering and realising you can’t give in and you must continue to learn these new skills- empowering.
The result? For all your dizziness you begin to become focused on the next step and you learn what mindset is needed to self motivate.
Rocking it out the next day and correcting your issues- satisfying. Making new friends with like-minded souls in your new job- exciting. Realising the potential your new job has and realising what kind of things you could achieve for society (nevermind yourself)- fulfilling. The result- you understand potential all of a sudden and you become a true believer.

And I know before I sounded so uncertain, but this is it. I have found an opportunity to do something worth fighting for.


About oreoanonymous

A drop-out marine biology student from Scotland. Certainly some cursing will be bandied about.
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