Catalysts & The Pen Name

How could anyone turn down an essentially free story? Applicable to light readers as well as the fervent ones. Please show Mr Yallowitz some love.

Legends of Windemere

With the release of Prodigy of Rainbow Tower looming, my mind is wandering to the next stage.  Aiming for a Halloween release of Allure of the Gypsies, which is doable.  Yet, there are two projects that I don’t have any debut date or idea for.  These are the two completed novellas.

One is Catalysts and it is a gory horror novella that used to be on this site.  I took it down when I thought I was about to publish and go KDP Select.  The other is The Pen Name and it is a drama.  These are two genres that I don’t typically play in, so I’m nervous about them.  Catalysts got good reactions, but nobody noticed The Pen Name.

I’m wondering what I should do wit them.  I need beta readers to read them over and I need cover art, but I can’t afford the cover art. …

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